About Me

Hello, world! It’s me (again)… Just in case you have forgotten, let me tell you a little but about myself. My name is Rontier Antasia Whitfield (RON-TEA-AIR ANN-TAY-JUH). I am twenty-three years old and a senior at Mississippi State University majoring in Fashion Design and Merchandising with a concentration and Merchandising and a minor in marketing (a mouthful, I know). I balance being a student, student-worker, student-leader, and an entrepreneur.


As a student, I hold eighteen hours per semester. I have become proficient at analyzing financial data, assorting merchandise, and identifying various fibers and textiles. I am pleased to announce that I will (finally) be graduating in the spring of 2019! Upon graduation, I will be utilizing my degrees to build multiple businesses. Currently, I hold two jobs at my university, I work in the Premium Bulldog Suites during athletic events and I have been working with my professor, Dr. Lee, to construct a research essay concerning the behavioral intentions behind consumer’s purchases of organic foods. In the fall of 2017, I was granted the opportunity to join the Montgomery Leadership Program, a prestigious three semester long program involving servant-based leadership. As a Montgomery Leadership Fellow, I have been fortunate to learn growth and development skills while interacting with amazing peers and advisers. Moreover, in the fall of 2018, I was blessed with four Day One mentors to mold them for their time at Mississippi State.


Prior to attending Mississippi State, I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a student, I received my Associate’s degree in Fashion Business and Management. While living in New York, I was able to build upon my lifelong dream of being a fashion model. Living in the fashion capital of the world, I capitalized on and maximized all opportunities. During the second year of living in the Big Apple, my modeling photos were viral. As an adult with a modeling dream, I am pursuing the idea of being a “role-model” while continuously creating aesthetically pleasing content.


My current focus, besides graduating college, has been my juice company, Esteemed Juices. *ESTEEMED JUICES IS* I began the idea for Esteemed Juices in my eleventh grade high school’s accounting classroom. Now, at Mississippi State University, I have been building the beginning stages of the next health and wellness company. Since attending Mississippi State and working with the MSU Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach, I have been able to secure funding on multiple levels. Additionally, I have been blessed to join two prestigious entrepreneurial cohorts, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council’s Student Entrepreneur Program and the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council’s Emerging Young Entrepreneur Program.

 2018 SEP Students at Detroit Startup Week

My 2019 Goals Include:

-Launching Esteemed Juices nationally

-Graduating from Mississippi State University

-Establishing myself in the world as a woman who is able to hold her own as a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, and a brand ambassador

I know that with faith, resiliency, perseverance, and dedication to God, I will manifest the goals that I desire to accomplish. I cannot wait to keep you all updated on this new journey!